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Friday, April 24, 2015

Making solid linings

Of course I could have made kerfed lining strips from the board I'm using, but solid linings are pretty cool and I have them on my number one which serves as the blueprint for this build. 

And the sides I bent were pretty wide so the material was at hand. I didn't post bending pics but I can tell you the wood bent like butter. 

I sliced the lining strips off on the mini table saw. 

The waist was fun. 

And here are the lining strips resting in the sides. Looks a mess doesn't it. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Single plank ukuleles

Ye olde mahogany that I resawed a couple of weeks ago will make a couple of sopranos first. In the spirit of old number one they will be made entirely from the same board, and on at least one of them everything will be mahogany. Maybe the other one will get a rosewood fretboard, I haven't decided yet. 

So the first pic is of me planing braces. I made them triangular on the bandsaw but they need some cleaning up. 

The planing board is clad with rubber to increase the friction, and the stop pieces are easily replaced if they get too knocked. 

And the second pic shows just how good it looks with a bridge patch and braces clamped down onto the one piece top. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just glueing a top (yeah right)

This is a reso I've wanted to build for quite some time; it's for my friend Simon. The skeleton is the last of the three I made last year and It's gonna be clad with spalted curly alder. 

The sides went on a while back and I've started on the neck, but the top needs to go on before the neck is fitted. That means the holes and the nets must be made and glued... All actions have prequels that are easily forgotten. If I think about glueing the top, then that's exactly what I think of and plan for. But as I get closer to it I remember all the stuff that preceeds the actual glueing. 

So here's me laying out the holes. 

And cutting them out with my hefty and excellent circle cutter from Micheal Connor in Australia. One two three. 

The mesh is an aluminium reinforcement mesh for patching up cars. I attach it to the underside with globs of epoxy. Is there a better way? Write me. 

And when the epoxy FINALLY decided to harden it was time to do what I set out to do this morning - glueing the top. I use a thick piece of plexiglass as a caul, with a cheap mouse mat as padding between it and the top. I bought a few mouse mats on a sale. They're quite handy to have around but if they get any globs of glue on them they're pretty much effed up. The glue sticks like crazy.